Dropbox and Google Drive - Syncing Mac and Pc

Dropbox is a free application that is available of a wide range of desktop and mobile operating systems and is free up to 2GB. This is a brilliant application, it allows you to sync files between your macs. This application is brilliant for people who need up to date documents on several machines.

When you install Dropbox, it creates a folder on your computer and anything added into that folder will automatically synced to the cloud. Any computer that has Dropbox installed on it will always have the exact same files as well as any changes. Which also means if you add something it appears on those computers with that account but also if you delete the file or folder it will be removed from all computers as well.

To get Dropbox visit the website and click download. Once you have it downloaded add it to your application folder. Next you have to set up the application by setting up an account.

TechLabs are experts with Dropbox, if you are having any troubles we are here to assist you. Many of our customers use this fantastic application to help efficiently communicate through their business.  

If Dropbox doesn’t suit you and your business another great application that works just as well as Dropbox is Google Drive. Google Drive is also a file syncing application that uses the cloud. Google Drive has a web interface that provides it’s own suite of online productivity such as Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet.

Visit Google Drive and click download for desktop. Once it has downloaded add the Google Drive application to your applications folder. Using Google Drive requires a Google account or Google domain.

TechLabs provides great support for troubleshooting both applications so if you are having an issue or need to know purchase the best storage give us a call, we’ll be glad to assist you as we are reliable apple support and servicing.