Refreshing look at Yosemite (Mac OS X 10.10)

Yosemite is the newest system for Mac and has various new tools and features, It’s smarter and brighter.  The connectivity between your Mac devices has become stronger. It is a free upgrade, easier than ever to switch between iOS and OS X as it compromises with the integration. The most obvious change is a the new interface design. The buttons are flatter, they still have drop shadows and other third dimension features but is more cleaner and crisp.

Of course every Mac update focuses on applications that haven’t caught Mac users attention. So Mac has had the notification centre for a while but till now Yosemite has improved the notification centre making it more relevant. This is a helpful tool which gives you the option of calendar appointments, the weather, world clock, and other elements you choose to personalise the notification centre to your liking.

Messages has the same effect as the iOS 8 on the iphone making it easy to use your iMessages. Now your Mac computer allows you to send any message to any phone, as long as your Iphone is connected to your iCloud account on the same Wi-fi network. Facetime has also integrated more into a more useful application for Yosemite users. Facetime allows you to make and receive telephone calls using your iPhone as a proxy.

This new compatibility in Yosemite is giving users the ability to use whichever Mac device they have connected to the cloud. The idea of this is if you were to start an email on your Mac, and then pick up your iPhone and carry on giving the two operating systems Yosemite and OS 8 a tighter link.

Updating is easy but isn't as straight forward for everyone thats why reading about the support that mac gives helps understand the changes you are making to your computer.