Your Personal Assistant on your iPhone

Siri is a great tool to utilise for someone who drives a lot or is just lazy. Siri can read your messages, play your voicemail with just simple commands such as “read my latest email” or “read message.” Once Siri has read the message or email she will continue by asking what process you’d like to do next. Siri can also search your emails or notes and then open the one that matches your command.

With the new iOS 8 update Siri has gotten patient when you are speaking, if you continue to hold down the home button when requesting something of her she will wait till you are finished even if you briefly pause. She can also open particular setting pages, play music and sets timers and alarm clocks. The best thing is if you need any assistants while driving she can help you find your way on maps or search the net.

 In recent studies Adults are using this voice control more and more. The most common command that adults ask their phone is asking for directions or dictate texts and to call someone. Studies found that it is more common for adults to use siri while watching tv or cooking. The study also found that it’s a safer method to using your iPhone.