Airport: Guest networking

Enabling the guest network feature you can create a second network for guests, using your Apple Airport base station. It allows you to have a separate network to anyone who visits or lives at your house. The beauty of a guest network is to divide the traffic and isolated certain users. It is a great way to protect your privacy but still provide Internet access for guests.

To start you must have a Mac Airport Extreme, Express or a Time Capsule.

 First you open the airport utility application, this is located in your application and then utilities. You can also use your spotlight search to find it quicker. Next you must click the Airports icon so that the status pop-up window appears. Located on the bottom right is an edit button, clicking on that will then open the settings window. At the top of the settings window is the option of wireless, which you need to select to enable the guest network option. Ticking the box on the left will activate it and admit you to changing the network name. If you want to put a password on it so the neighbors aren’t taking advantage of it then select the option from the guest network security drop down menu. To finalise the new settings you have to select Update located on the bottom right this will then apply the changes you have made.