Business Applications

As technology becomes more influential and essential to society, applications are the new man’s best friend. Applications have become apart of us and people have started to rely on applications to help them in everyday life. Some applications are to help you expand and become more knowledgeable for business. The follow applications are just some that will assist in expanding you’re your cliental and business purposes.

These days with social media being a huge part of our lives businesses are encouraged to use social media apps such as Facebook, instagram, twitter and many others. Having these apps on your devices can help attract clients and money to the company. These are all offered for many devices including your Mac.

If you use gmail as your email server then the gmail app is something you should use on your iPhone or iPad. The application allows you to have up to five gmail accounts active in the one app. You can search through your old mail and new and it pushes straight through on your phone. Not only that if you read an email on your iPad it will changed to unread on any other device linked to that particular gmail account. If you are a company or user who users more then gmail as your email server use cloudmagic and app that allows you access any email in one app.

If you are a business that is out and about and not always at the desk Teamviewer can come in handy if you forget to transfer data or photos to your travelling device you can log into your computer through the internet and access anything on the desk top.  If you forgot your password to access this then also have msecure an application that helps store and remember your passwords and user names for anything that requires an account.

 If most of your business is with clients that aren’t accessible by short travel try using Skype’s app to contact them. This can save travel time without losing any business. However if traveling to your clients is how you make business a helpful app is the Harvest time and expense tracker. This can help tack time, log expenses and manage invoices on the go.

An app offered for busy users is the pocket. When you find something interesting on the Internet but don’t have time you can pocket it for view later. PDF offers an application so you can store PDF’s on your phone or ipad. Microsoft offers office on both formats so you can take notes anywhere or create a spreadsheet.