Firefox dumps Google after ten years for Yahoo.

Yahoo and Mozilla Firefox have decided to dedicate the next five years to each other. This means Yahoo will be the default US search engine for Mozilla’s firefox browser. Yahoo will roll out an enhanced new search function to Firefox users and will also support Do Not Track functions in result of the partnership as a result ion the new found partnership. So Firefox has dumbed Google and moved on to Yahoo as in recent years they have lost market share.

The CEO of Yahoo said search traffic is still a major priority for the network and only one they expect to explore through the new partnership, but Google and Bing have both made major gain in recent years. CEO Marissa Mayer says “At Yahoo, we believe deeply in search – its an area of investment, opportunity and growth for us, I cant wait to see what innovations we build together.

For the last ten years Google and Firefox have been together so the new partnership is a significant break. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard described the decision as a strategic one as the agreement came up for renewal this year. They took this as a competitive strategy.