Avoiding Viruses

You want to avoid getting a virus on your computer as it can cause great damage to important information and personal items such as music and photos. Every Internet user needs to be aware of potential data loss and identity theft if they aren’t careful. 

Try avoiding the thousands of banner ads and popups that come with some websites, try not to click on everything especially if it doesn’t look trustworthy. Most modern browsers have been made so that it doesn’t just download any virus unless you click it yourself. Change the settings in your browser so that it always asks before running files and downloading automatically.

Most viruses are hidden in popups with a mimic design to legitimate anti-virus’ software so if you haven’t go searching for it then don’t click on the popup. It is suggested to use your task manager to close it as clicking the X can result in activating the virus allowing continuous popups. Its always good to configure your browser to block popups.

Clearing your cache can help avoid getting virus as popups can store information in your browsers cache, allowing them to reappear. If you use an older browser it might be time to update to a newer one with less risks of retrieving a virus or exposing your private information that is stored on the computer or browser. If you are happy with your browser just make sure you continue to update your browser, having it up to date can help prevent unauthorized attacks.

Most common viruses and popups hang around illegal websites so you must be careful when downloading but they can also come from emails. If you ever receive an email that doesn’t look right and have a download link don’t click on it till you are sure, as it can be a virus that you download just by clicking that link.

It you have a lot to lose on your computer it might actually be worth investing in an antivirus program to protect your data and personal details. Continue to update your computer to make sure it is running smoothly and doing its job to protect your computer. You can also backup your computer daily so you have copies that aren’t infected.