Firefox is coming to Apple.

Mozilla and Apple have never seen eye to eye until recently when the new chief executive Chris Beard changed their interest in making a Firefox web browser to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The reason for over the last four years that Mozilla has routinely expressed disinterest in the past is due to Apple’s strict requirement that third-party web browsers be based on its own WebKit web engine.

Mozilla has its own sophisticated web and rendering engines that it utilises for Firefox and felt that it was a browser that would be inadequate on iOS device. Firefox release manager Lukas Blakk said “We need to be where our users are.” To suggest it is time to get firefox on iOS.

Apple recently made changes to WebKit on iOS 8 that allow for all web browsers to have the same level of performance as Mobile Safari, although it remains unclear how Mozilla will bring Firefox to iOS.

At this time users are still unable to set third-party web browsers as default. For this reason, it hard for existing mobile safari competitors like Chrome and Opera to make much of a dent on Apple’s built-in web browser, but Firefox could attract users with features such as password syncing and seamless bookmark.