Yosemite issues

The new OS X has it benefits and has a nice new visual look to the display. Most Apple fans have downloaded the new software however the new update has a few consequences as some apps still aren’t optimized for the update. There is a way to install this without ruining your Mac.

Rather than installing the OS X Yosemite right onto your current version of Mavericks you can create a separate partition to keep the bugs from affecting your finely tuned Mavericks Mac.

First you must open the Disk Utility by opening your applications, then utilities and then Disk utility. You then need to select your Mac’s main hard drive, which is located about the Macintosh HD. Once you have selected that drive you need to click the partition tab then the plus sign underneath the Partition Layout section. Name the partition so you know that this space is for your Yosemite test and set the amount of GB you want to allocate to it. Then select apply.

After a few seconds the second partition on your Mac. Now you can load OS X that will allow you to select which partition to update the software on. At some point you will need to go back to Mavericks if there are bugs and broken features in Yosemite. All you need to do is change your start up disk. Open the system preferences and then click on the startup disk. Select the original HD partition and click restart and then you will go back to your original set up with Mavericks.

This is useful if you want to use Yosemite for certain things but want to keep using Mavericks.