Medical ID feature which could save you.

A new feature that the iPhone 6 offers is the medical ID, this allows anyone to access emergency information if something was to happen to you. This information about you could be important in an emergency like allergies and medical conditions. This feature can be accessed from the emergency dialer so if you have a passcode on your phone people can still access this without needing you to unlock it.

To set up your medical profile you have to open the Health app and tap the medical id option in the lower right hand corner. This gives up the option to give detail such as your name, birthday date, medical conditions, notes, allergies or reactions and the current medication you are on. Not only that if you aren’t with anyone you know you can add family or friends and there numbers for emergency contact so if you are in any incident that you can’t talk they can see whom they need to call. Other information asked is a blood type, if you are an organ donor and your height and weight. This is all valued information for standbys and emergency crew.


When you create your medical profile you can decide whether or not you’d like certain information shown, this is helpful for those who are worried about losing the phone and having someone obtain this information.