Managing your media and data effectively with NAS

If you are a person with a lot of media stored on your Mac such as photos, videos and music and don’t have them organised, Network-attached Storage (NAS) is an effective way to collect your media data all in one collection.

Choosing an appropriately sized hard drive allows users enough space, allowing you to save everything without choosing what to keep and what to delete. NAS allows you to add more storage drives when they are full so you can continue to save all items. As it runs off the network it makes retrieving media and data off the drive on any computer easy. You can setup the drive so only certain people can retrieve off the NAS. The system presents your data and media in folders that make finding anything easy.

Choosing a drive that suites you is important. The Apple time capsule is offered in a 2 or 3TB sized drive, which smoothly integrates with all your Mac and Apple devices. If you are a business you are going to want a bigger one then that. There are many, which allow you to fill up the drive, as you need space with all sizes of drives. Then when the drive its full you can replace it with another, if you need the information back then you can add the drive back into the NAS.

 This is a common setup up for a lot of our clients; if it’s something you think you will benefit in then contact us we are located in Brisbane with excellent and experienced technicians.