Dropbox's new partner

Dropbox and Microsoft Office have integrated making it easy for those who do business out of the office, on the go with their tablet or phone. You can automatically back up your photos to Dropbox, mark files as favourites so even with no internet you can access them. Apart of them working together allows you to even pin any Dropbox folder to your start screen for quick and easy access.

The new office applications are for free from the app store. When using these apps you will see that you can edit office files from the Dropbox mobile app and sync any changes you make across any of your devices you have linked. Not only can you access any files from the new office apps but you can also save new files that are created to your Dropbox. When you are finished or need to share the file from office you can retrieve the Dropbox link within the office application, allowing you to email to anyone quick and easy.