Dropbox more efficient on iOS 8

Since the iOS 8 came out the official Dropbox app has been lacking one major thing, which is the ability to save files to Dropbox from any app’s shared menu. If you have not updated your Dropbox app yet it will not work as it has only just been modified to allow you to access this new feature. This new update allows you to quickly save all kinds of stuff to your Dropbox account from just about anywhere. 

When Dropbox was first released, Dropbox added the ability to save and export files with Dropbox and certain apps. This update is more for users to be able to open and save files with Dropbox in an app such as pages and photos. This allows you to do it without even opening up the Dropbox app so saving photos will be more efficient. It is beneficial for people on the go that need to share this files with colleagues, family or anyone who needs to access those files on your dropbox. 

Saving to Dropbox is an example of how convenient the iOS 8 update has become to suit your needs. If you aren’t sure of what Dropbox is or if it’s the right cloud drive for you read our blog on “Storing in the cloud and using Drives”