Pros of Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Business

It seems like more and more small businesses are making the switch to a cloud computing service for a number of the benefits that it offers. If you aren’t familiar with this terminology, then read on to discover the solution that will dramatically reduce your software and other computing costs.

What is Cloud Computing?

Simply put, cloud computing is an internet-based process, where shared resources, data, and software are hosted on a remote server that is accessible to computers in the same network.

Alternatively, small businesses will use their office server to store their files and information, and share these services with all employees. The bottom line is clear: cloud computing delivers an innovative and advanced way to run your business.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Moving to an entirely cloud-based solution has its many advantages for small business owners. Here are just a few of the reasons why cloud computing solutions are gaining in popularity:

•   Moving your business to ‘the Cloud’ can significantly reduce your expenses. Not only does it lower transaction costs and paperwork, but it also minimises the large investment in hardware (and the resources to help manage it.)

•    Businesses only need to pay for what they use. This means that as a business grows, the potential to add more server space is there, rather than having to pay for any non-use.

•   Sharing IT resources with other companies undoubtedly lowers expenses such as licencing software and having to buy servers. This means small businesses have access to more the sophisticated technology of cloud computing at lower prices.

•   Cloud computing is great for collaborating - the data stored in ‘the Cloud’ can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, by anyone (with password permissions, of course!) Furthermore, the level of security is typically far higher than what is available to most small business owners.

•   Storing your files on a secure and reliable cloud-based service will remove any backup fears where files can get lost or deleted.

Cloud computing is a blessing for small businesses, as they now have access to the type of set-up that only large companies used to have. However, it is always important that business owners do their research before making the move. If you have made the migration to a sophisticated cloud computing solution, please share your experience below.