Pump Interactive

Pump Interactive provide software programming and application development solutions to a number of projects we've had the pleasure of working with, including Big Brother Australia and live broadcast sports national wide.  Pump Interactive also build software and mobile device applications for Channel 9, BHP, and ITV UK just to name a few.

Hayward & Co Lawyers

We've been working Judy Hayward at Hayward & Co Lawyers since Tech Labs came to be.  Judy has helped me with the necessary arrangements in estate planning, as well as trust and company establishment and management.  Thanks Judy.

head hunters recruitment

head hunters recruitment

Head Hunters have exceeded our expectations in job recruitment. They've found us the best network and Mac technicians to fill our position vacancies.  Justine always finds better candidates than we ever could ourselves or with previous agencies.  I have no doubt we made our money back on the investment along time ago.